Frum Man Challenges Jeremy Corbyn’s Parliament Seat & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

An Orthodox Jew is Running For Jeremy Corbyn’s Parliament Seat. He’ll Need a Miracle.
As an observant Jew, Yosef David was taught to believe in miracles. That’s a good thing since David, a social worker from London, is going to need one to succeed in his new mission: unseating Jeremy Corbyn from Parliament in the general election on Dec. 12.

Israel’s Mossad Is Recruiting More Ultra-Orthodox Men
Since September, Yossi has replaced most of his religious readings with math and programming textbooks as he works toward a computer science degree. He hopes to ultimately land a job with an Israeli security agency—perhaps even Mossad, the country’s equivalent to the CIA.

Jewish Man Stabbed Multiple Times On Way To Synagogue In Rockland County
An Orthodox Jewish man was punched, slashed and stabbed on his way to a synagogue on Wednesday morning in Rockland County. The 29-year-old father of four survived, but was hospitalized and underwent surgery for serious injuries, police said.

Kosher Food Truck to Open in St. Louis
St. Louis will soon have a kosher meat food truck serving Israeli food. The truck, Kosher Grill STL, will open Sunday outside Agudas Israel of St. Louis, the Orthodox synagogue in University City. Items include shawarma, schnitzel and kebab and are available as a pita sandwich or as a plate with salads, vegetables, fries, hummus and tahini. Prices range from $8 for a hotdog to $16 for a shawarma plate.

Does This Hat Make Me Look Orthodox?
While shopping at Target one day, a man pushing a cart filled with household items sidled over to me and asked, “Do you know where I can find the closest keilim mikveh?” There were probably 100 other shoppers at the time, but my “uniform” of below-the-knee skirt, below-the-elbow shirt, and colorful beret alerted the man that I, and perhaps I alone in this megastore, could direct him to a mikveh used for ritual immersion of new dishes and cookware, which I did happily.

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