A Protest Against Lakewood’s Haredim & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

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Five Star Kosher in Tel Aviv for Foodie Tourists
Jerusalem has traditionally held the crown as Israel’s kosher capital – where fine-dining is concerned in particular — whereas Tel Aviv was traditionally too treyf for more obervant eaters. However there have been a few new openings serving five star food for kosher eaters, and with top of Israel’s top chefs at the helm.

Cedarhurst Eatery Offers Kosher “Street” Eats
Streats Food + Drink is new to Cedarhurst and offers a casual setting to enjoy kosher food. Executive chef Oscar Martinez shows how he makes one of Streats Food + Drink signature sandwiches, the Cuban.

Insisting it is Not Anti-Semitic, NJ Group Sees Haredi Orthodox as a Threat to ‘Quality of Life’
Rise Up Ocean County aims to galvanize residents of Central Jersey to stop haredi Orthodox families from buying real estate in the towns surrounding Lakewood. It says it is producing a documentary and mobilizes locals to attend town meetings.

How These Jewish Women Launched Challah Baking Businesses and Got Thousands of Instagram Followers Along the Way
Silverman, an Orthodox Jew, is among a growing number of home bakers making a business out of their love of all things challah. Most post their interpretations of the traditional braided Shabbat and holiday loaves on social media, and reach local customers through word of mouth.

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