Frum Mets Fan Goes Viral After Gifting Foul Ball to Kid & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

This ‘Mensch’ Doctor Kept the World Cup Clean
As France’s players celebrated victory in the moments after the final whistle of the World Cup final on Sunday evening, eagle-eyed viewers spotted a surprise figure. There, on the pitch and being beamed to billions of viewers around the world, was a kippah-wearing Orthodox Jew shaking hands with French coach Didier Deschamps. Efraim Kramer had not been as noticeable at any other point during the tournament but, as Fifa’s chief medical officer, the South African played a key role in the running of the World Cup.

Orthodox Jewish Comedian Ashley Blaker Works in Show Business But He Can’t Own a TV
Ashley Blaker has spent the past two decades working in the entertainment industry, producing some of his native England’s top TV programs — but the stand-up comic doesn’t own a television set. Blaker, an Orthodox Jew, refrains from many material items that do not line up with his faith. So how did he end up in show business?

Orthodox Union to Stop Certifying Kosher Beef Slaughtered Using Controversial Method
The Orthodox Union has told its approved beef purveyors in South America to stop using a controversial slaughter method. The O.U., which is the largest kosher certifying agency in the United States, sent a letter to its meat purveyors in June notifying them that it would no longer accept meat slaughtered using the “shackle and hoist” method, said Rabbi Menachem Genack, CEO of the organization’s kosher division.

World’s Greatest Kosher Cheeseburger Finally Gets FDA Approval
Having already earned the approval of the Orthodox Union, the Impossible Burger has become the must-try fad of Summer 2018. More than that, the FDA just gave the burger it’s blessing, making all-the-more accessible to kosher, vegan and health-conscious consumers nationwide.

Video of Haredi Man Giving Foul Ball to Kid Goes Viral
A haredi man became an instant celebrity after a video of him giving a baseball he caught during a ballgame to a young child went viral. During a Mets-Padres game at New York’s Citi Field, the visibly observant man caught a foul ball during the fourth inning and immediately tossed it to a nearby child. Mets sportscaster Gary Cohen pointed out his generosity, and the Mets tweeted a video of the incident, writing “Ah, so that’s how it’s done”. The video went viral, racking up more than a million views in under 48 hours.

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