Hasidic Billboard Top 10 Recording Artist, Alex Clare, Releases New Album & Orthodox Jews in the News

Jewish Runner Balances Religion and Competition: Porter-Gaud Cross Country Champion Finds Way to Compete on the Sabbath

Judah Ellison is a rising star in Cross Country running, but his Shabbos observance always comes first. His father Morris is his biggest champion, even when Shabbos dinner means just the two of them with a cooler full of food in a hotel room before a meet.

Study on Arranged Marriages Reveals that Orthodox Jews May Have it Right

In a cover article for Scientific American Mind, a new study by a Harvard-educated psychologist reveals that the compatibility research done in arranged marriages can make all the difference in their eventual success, while marriages worldwide are failing at an unprecedented rate.

Should Doctors Be Allowed to Bring Their Religion to Work?

Orthodox Jewish Dr. Benjamin Korn explores the benefits of bringing one’s devotion to the role of being a doctor. With the ability to help others understand the larger picture of their treatment to being able to pray for healing, he wants to do everything within his power and his beliefs to help his patients.

Alex Clare Interview: The World is a Crazy Place

The musician and Orthodox Jewish All Star has made a home for himself in Jerusalem. With the challenges of balancing his being an international star and his religious lifestyle, he explores what it means to live in the Middle East as a Jew today.

This Ultra Orthodox Jew Dedicated His Vote to Slain Muslim Soldier

Yosef Rappaport didn’t realize how much press he would get when he dedicated his vote to an American who will never have the chance to vote again – a Muslim soldier who died in combat. With celebrities such as J.K. Rowling forwarding the story, Rappaport’s kiddush Hashem is going worldwide.

Inside a Pop Artist’s Sparkly Upper East Side Spread

Elizabeth Sutton is an accomplished Pop Artist, whose art is all done on wood and glitters with bright colors. Modern Orthodox, she has made her home into  bright haven for entertaining and raising her young family.


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