Jewish Couple Teaches Their Childen the Value of Money in a Brilliant Way & Other Orthodox Jews in the News


In One 16-Year-Old Jewish Boy, The Face of the Anti-Trump Protest

In an incredibly brave move, this frum  teen took a stand against hate during his lunch break. Watch the compelling video here.


Your Kids Need to Learn this Powerful Lifelong Lesson

The inspiring Orthodox family featured recently on Humans of New York is featured on CNBC Money. Find out how they teach their children financial values.


A (Hasidic) Star is Born

Musician Meir Green contends with his newfound musical fame, alongside his passionate observance. Using his unique spiritual insight, he helps Jews who have lost their connection to regain their spark.


These Two Orthodox Jewish Designers Have Your Summer Wardrobe Covered—And Cool

With chic summer dresses fit for any fashionista, these Modern Orthodox designers are having a moment in the NYC summer style scene.


Watch Hasidic Hitmaker Cover Justin Bieber Smash in Yiddish

Chaim Shlomo Mayesz reimagines ‘Love Yourself’ with a pop take on an old friendship. Both frum believers and Beliebers will enjoy alike.


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