Jewish Teen Brothers Start Kosher Sushi Business & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Teen Brothers On A Roll With Kosher Startup – Two Orthodox Jewish high school students run a kosher and health-conscious sushi company, while their parents make deliveries, for neither are old enough to have a driver’s license!

‘Everybody’s Mother,’ Keeper Of Mikvah, Soon To Retire – A beautiful profile on a remarkable woman – Malka Markovic – who was the mikvah lady in Pittsburgh for the past 30 years

This Orthodox Jewish Rabbi’s Home Is Going High-Tech For Shabbos – With Cliqk technologies, you can control and pre-program all the lights and outlets in your home before Shabbos with the use of a smart phone app!

Brooklyn Restaurant Gives Special Needs Teen’s Family Unforgettable Dining Experience  – Kasai, a kosher Hibachi restaurant in Flatbush, opened an hour early to cater to a family with a special needs child, and give them a night out where they did not have to worry about stares or disturbing other customers

Rabbi Uses Martial Arts To Teach Kids ‘Inner Power’ In Fight Against Cancer – The TODAY Show profiles one of this year’s All Stars, Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg and his non-profit, Kids Kicking Cancer

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