A Closer Look at a “Halachic Prenup” & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

B”H there is so much good news this week, partly due to our Orthodox Jewish All Stars event!

‘Better Than An Emmy’: Ten Jewish All-Stars Walk the Red Carpet at the Museum of Jewish Heritage – A great write-up in the Jewish Press about what it was like to attend JITC’s Orthodox Jewish All Stars event, including exclusive quotes from interviews with the All Stars themselves

Orthodox ‘All Stars’ Honored At New York Event – The Jerusalem Post reports on what it was like to be at the All Stars event, and why Jew in the City is so committed to publicizing the positives about Orthodox Judaism

Letters To The Editor: The Answer To WoW – A letter to the editor in the Jerusalem Post that champions stories like that of the Orthodox Jewish All Stars event as a “respectful and convincing answer to the Women of the Wall”

Baroness Altmann To New York Jews: ‘Being Frum Hasn’t Stopped Me’ – A profile on All Star, Baroness Ros Altmann, in Britain’s biggest Jewish online newspaper, the Jewish News

Even Orthodox Jews Starting To Wrestle With Transgender Issues – “While American society generally grapples with how and how much to accommodate trans preferences, Jewish religious denominations are doing some unique grappling of their own…”

For Orthodox Jews, A Different Kind Of Prenup – A Wall Street Journal essay that aims to clarify and help you understand exactly what a halachic prenup is, and how (and why) it works

Scottish Jews Finally Have Their Own Tartan After A 300 Year Wait  – A Tartan is a ‘plaid’ design on a fabric associated with or designated for a particular Scottish clan. The Jewish community of Scotland have finally registered a pattern of their own – making sure their wool tartan contains no linen (to avoid shaatnez!)

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