H&M Sells Prayer Shawl Look-Alike & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Almost-Traditional Jewish Cooking – A New York Time Magazine piece about potato kugel and the difference between American Jewish cooking and Traditional Jewish cooking, featuring hipster hasidic chef, Itta Werdiger Roth and Pomegranate

Kids Kicking Cancer Helps Sick Kids Channel Stress and Pain – Watch one of our 2015 All Stars, Rabbi Goldberg, discuss his foundation Kids Kicking Cancer and the book he wrote that offers 30 life lessons from Martial Arts and Kids Kicking Cancer that anyone can use to defeat their pain, fear, anger, and stress

This H&M Scarf Looks Just Like a Jewish Prayer Shawl – A look at an interesting item up for sale at H&M, and the people of the internet’s response to it

I Don’t Text on Shabbas – Gershom Gorenberg writes for the Daily Beast about what it is like to “unplug” for 25 hours a week, and how Shabbos (and his respite from technology) allow him to truly communicate with those around him

Tefillin the Love – Liel Leibovitz’s story of how he came to wear Tefillin, the contradictions of wearing the sacred phylacteries while not changing any other part of his Jewish observance, and how he will continue to do it, because sometimes “commitment transcends understanding”



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