Author Wendy Shalit Explains Privacy in a Public World & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Welcome to “JITC’s Weekly Round-Up:” a new weekly post we’ll be putting out every Friday which collects all of the positive news stories about Orthodox Jews we found from that week.

 KJ Resident Turns Yeshiva’s Refusal Into Positive Experience, Graduates From YU After being rejected from a yeshivah in his own community, Elimelech Wagschal successfully graduated from Yeshiva University this week.


A Return to Modesty: An Interview with Wendy Shalit. An interview with Orthodox Jewish author Wendy Shalit, whose book “articulates the deeply confusing cultural message of what it means to be powerful women in an age where we’re told to keep nothing private.”


How One Exec Runs Busy Digital Agency While Staying True to Her Faith.  One of JITC’s 2013 Orthodox Jewish All Star – Global CEO of 36OI, Sarah Hofstetter was profiled this week in Ad Age on balancing work and Orthodox Judaism.


Rolling Stones to Start Israel Show Later to Enable Observant Jews to Attend The Rolling Stones don’t roll on Shabbos (or Yom Tov)!


A Man of Many Talents  Read about Elliot Schwab, an Orthodox Jewish Harvard Law School recent grad with an eclectic set of interests!


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