The Jewish Women Entrepreneur Empowers Orthodox Jewish Female Entrepreneurs

This Organization Empowers Orthodox Jewish Female Entrepreneurs

Though many people believe that Orthodox Jewish women aren’t allowed to work, the JWE (The Jewish Women Entrepreneur) works hard to change the lives of hundreds of frum businesswomen, to the tune of millions of dollars in sales. In 2011, Chaya Fishman, founded the organization to help women combat the prejudices against them and succeed. Fishman says, […]

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This Organization Helps Haredi Women In Israel Enter The Workforce

While there is undoubtedly a stark divide between the secular and Haredi world – especially in Israel – sometimes friendship and a shared vision can close the gap. On the surface, Yael Leibovitz and Chani Zusman, two Israeli Jewish women could not be more different. Zisman is an Israeli-born Haredi mother of four who has always […]

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These Orthodox Jewish Women Help New Mothers Get Back To Work

While many people mistakenly believe that Orthodox Jewish women aren’t allowed to work, Physician Assistant, Chaya Lighten, and board certified lactation consultant Marinina Hersh not only work – they work to help mothers get back to work. All over the world, women who have just given birth face numerous challenges returning to their jobs, particularly in […]

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Can Orthodox Jewish Women Work?

“I’d like to be more religious, but having a career is very important to me. If I became Orthodox, I wouldn’t be allowed to work,” Rachel explained to me over the phone. “Really?” I responded. “Which commandment in the Torah states, ‘thou shall not work if you’re a woman?’” Rachel, of course, had no source to […]

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