Why is Pesach the Holiday When We Tell Stories?

Dear Jew in the City, I know that there is a mitzvah to tell the story of our Exodus during Pesach, but why then? Why don’t we have to tell the story of getting the Torah or the story of sitting in succahs? Why is this the holiday we have to tell stories on? Sincerely, […]

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What Is Hoshana Raba?

Dear JITC – What is Hoshana Rabbah? Why are we beating willow branches? Thanks, Jason Dear Jason- Thanks for your question. The answer boils down to the Oral Law. The Oral Law is an integral part of the Torah. It’s absolutely impossible to observe the Torah without it. For example, the Torah tells us that […]

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The Silver Platter: Yummy Soups To Stay Warm In Your Sukkah!

These soups are great options for this time of year. They are hearty and healthy for the holidays and help keep you warm and comfy on cold Sukkos nights. Happy holidays everyone! xo, Daniella For these recipes and much more, check out Daniella and Norene Gilletz’s bestselling cookbook, The Silver Platter: Simple Elegance. With old […]

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These 6 Steps Will Help Your Makeup Last During Yom Tov

Because there is a prohibition to color on Shabbos and Yom Tov and not everyone uses Shabbos makeup, many women are left wondering, “How do I make my makeup last longer?” We spoke to Shaindy Kelman, biochemist, esthetician and founder of Shaindel Cosmetics, who said “The trick to having your makeup stay on is to apply it with a bit […]

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