I Grew Up With Authoritarian Judaism; Makom Is Showing Me The Beauty

I grew up in an authoritarian home in which self-expression in any form was restricted: socially, academically, psychologically, mentally and financially. Not surprisingly, I was taught to be as stringent as humanly possible when it came to being religious. And so I was as “frum” as physically and mentally possible as I made my way […]

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Is There a Jewish Equivalent to Chi?

Dear Jew in the City- On a recent trip to China I saw Shaolin Monks do all sorts of incredible feats – breaking wood and stone on their bodies and lying on swords. I was told that they do this with chi. Is there a Jewish idea of this? Did the Hasidic masters or other […]

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How Mothers Can Connect to Spirituality During The High Holidays

“How was your yontiff?” “Great! I made an amazing new recipe from Kosher Kourageous…” “What about you, did you invest in yourself?” “Sure, I got some new clothes.” “What about spiritually?” “Well, I went to shul with the kids to hear the shofar, and I made it through the fast, but you know how it […]

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Finally, An Orthodox Jewish Memoir Where The Protagonist Joins Religion

While there have been a spate of stories detailing the lives of those who left Jewish observance, people often wonder, where are the memoirs for those who have returned? Enter award-winning author and humorist Judy Gruen, a passionate ba’alas teshuva whose memoir The Skeptic and the Rabbi: Falling in Love with Faith presents her personal journey, complete with laughs, tears, […]

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Is Hashem Really Listening To My Prayers?

Hello Jew in the City- I relate to praying as something that I must do three times a day. While, whenever I think about it, I conclude that Hashem IS in control (at least to a large degree), but I do not truly believe that Hashem listens to my praying. As such, saying tehilim or otherwise davening for something […]

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