Why Do We Need Selichos Anyway?

Dear Jew in the City- What’s the history of Selichos? Why did it come about? Best, Mark Dear Mark- Thanks for your question. As far as the liturgy goes, Selichos are fairly contemporary. By that I mean that they are measured in mere centuries, rather than millennia. Some of the prayers we recite, like Shema, […]

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Is Tznius A Woman’s Most Important Mitzvah?

Dear Jew in the City, I hear people in the Orthodox community sometimes talk about tznius (modesty) for a woman like it is her MOST important mitzvah. Like what she exists for. While I’m a fan of tznius, this perspective on it does not sit well with me – that our greatest goal in life […]

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What Will Happen When Moshiach Comes?

Dear Jew in the City, A few weeks ago, you discussed when Moshiach will come. What will happen when he gets here? Sincerely, Incredulous   Dear Incredulous- Ah, a follow-up question! I love a good sequel as much as the next guy but with rare exception, they’re usually not as satisfying as the original. Here, […]

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