Are You Allowed to Ask Questions in Judaism?

Dear Jew in the City- I was raised to not be allowed to ask questions at my yeshiva, Is asking questions considered to be a bad thing in Judaism? Sincerely, Koby Dear Koby- I wish you had asked this question around Passover because nowhere is the ethos of asking questions more apparent: Maggid, the main […]

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Can You Be Buried In A Jewish Cemetery With Tattoos?

Dear Jew in the City, Ex-Knicks player Chris Smith converted [to Orthodox Judaism] and the NY Post said he can’t be buried in a Jewish cemetery with his tattoos – is that true? Thanks, Alexander   Dear Alexander- Is which part true? That a former basketball player converted? I hadn’t heard. That the Post made […]

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What Are The Jewish Ways of Expressing Gratitude?

Dear Jew in the City- This week Americans will show their thanks by getting together and eating Turkey and stuffing. Are there any Jewish customs or rituals for expressing gratitude? Thanks, Adam Dear Adam- Thanks for your question. There is an important characteristic in Judaism called hakaras hatov, acknowledging the good. It is stressed that […]

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What is the Jewish View of The Devil?

Hi Jew in the City- What’s the Jewish view of the Devil? Sincerely, Elle Dear Elle- The Jewish view of the Devil? That’s easy: there’s no such thing. Now, if you had asked me about Satan, it would be another story. You see, Judaism does have a concept of Satan but he’s no Devil. He’s […]

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What Is Hoshana Raba?

Dear JITC – What is Hoshana Rabbah? Why are we beating willow branches? Thanks, Jason Dear Jason- Thanks for your question. The answer boils down to the Oral Law. The Oral Law is an integral part of the Torah. It’s absolutely impossible to observe the Torah without it. For example, the Torah tells us that […]

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