The Man Who Leads the Jewish Community in Arusha, Tanzania

When you conjure up Mount Kilimanjaro and the Serengheti desert, it’s hard to picture a Jewish community residing nearby. And yet, there they are – the Mayanot Yehudim (Mayahudim) community of Arusha, Tanzania. Not only are they 70-people strong, their leader, Peres Parpaih, is so committed to guiding the kehilla in Torah-true ways, that he […]

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The Christian Woman Who Found Her Way Back To Her Jewish Soul

Today, Tamarah Rosenberg is an Orthodox Jewish woman who lives in New Jersey with her son and commutes to rural Pennsylvania where she teaches at a Montessori pre-school, but her path to a Torah observant lifestyle started in a most unexpected way: adopted at birth by a Protestant couple from the Bible Belt, Tamarah was […]

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