The Nuanced Take On Monsey That “My Unorthodox Life” Got Wrong 

Julia Haart, star of Netflix’s My Unorthodox Life, became infamous in religious Jewish circles after she publicly badmouthed Monsey, the community she was raised in, on the show. The picture she painted was that of an ignorant, monolithic, extremist community. While numerous friends of hers have discredited many of the facts she presented, Haart obviously […]

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Study Shows Orthodox Jews Less Impacted by Stress-Related Weight Gain

A study just published in the Journal of Religion and Health shows that maintaining a religiously based or faith-based lifestyle provides protection against stress-related weight gain. Because following one’s faith necessitates self-regulation and self-control, religious individuals may be more inclined to control what one eats, including limiting snacking, even in the face of crisis. Titled […]

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