Does Judaism Think Being Sheltered Is Good Or Bad?

Hi JITC- What are your thoughts on “being sheltered (from the “non-Jewish world)”? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? What’s the halacha? Thanks! B Dear B- I’m afraid that this is an area that leaves the realm of halacha and enters that of meta-halacha. You may be familiar with a famous quote […]

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The Stranger Who Knew Me

I recently learned a lesson in kindness from a complete stranger, and it profoundly affected me. It was Thursday evening before the 1st of January that we discovered our inspection sticker was due to expire. The 31st of December. Being that the only business day left to take care of the inspection was on Friday I […]

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Healthy-Eating and Exercise Tips After A Slew of Jewish Holidays

While Jewish mothers are known for urging their families to eat more, Orthodox Jewish mother of three, Atara Weisberger is known for helping people eat well. Personal trainer, nutritionist and co-founder of Passaic, New Jersey gym, The Tribe, Weisberger has been into healthy-living for as long as she can remember. A Minneapolis native, Weisberger grew up […]

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