Is Rosh Hashana Meant to Be a Scary Holiday?

Dear Jew in the City- I was raised to see Rosh Hashana as a terrifying time of year, that I would be judged by God in (aka Who Will Live and Who Will Die). I’ve obviously made a lot of mistakes, but I’ve met people who approach the holiday in a more positive way. What’s […]

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What If God Is Just A Controlling, Abusive Monster?

Dear Jew in the City- If I told anyone I was in a relationship with someone that really, really loved me and I was happy in my relationship, and I’d even die for it, people would be really happy for me. If I told them I’d never met him, but he’s always watching me, they’d […]

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Why Do Some Rabbis Claim To Know The Reason For Suffering?

Dear Jew in the City, A terrible tragedy befell the Jewish people this week when seven innocent children were killed in a fire in Brooklyn. As we mourn and attempt to comfort each other through this great sorrow I have heard that there are rabbis who claim to “know” the reason these precious souls were […]

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