Slain Jersey City Victim, Moshe Deutsch, Remembered By Friend

Moshe Hersh Deutsch of Brooklyn was a 24-year-old yeshiva bochur who loved doing chesed. Leah Mindel Ferencz was a 33-year-old mother of three who owned the JC Kosher Supermarket with her husband as one of the first families to found a new Hasidic community in Jersey City. Deutsch and Ferencz were gunned down in the […]

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Maybe We Should Listen To The Anti-Semites

Exactly six months to the day after congregants at Tree of Life, a Conservative Synagogue, were gunned down by a White Supremacist, another of his ilk, on the other end of the country, showed up at a Chabad House, an Orthodox Shul, with the same intent: to kill as many Jews as possible. As the […]

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The Miracle of Kindness at the End of My Father’s Life

When my father was in the final weeks of his life, languishing in Cornell hospital, I found myself reaching my breaking point. I was the only relative nearby that could come to the hospital on a regular basis. As a single parent, I was away from my kids for five Shabbosim in a row. It was […]

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Do Jews Believe in Hell?

Hi JITC- Do Jews Believe in Hell? Sincerely, Hayley Dear Hayley- I don’t know where the idea that Jews don’t believe in Hell got started but we most certainly do believe in one. I’ve heard umpteen times on television that Jews don’t believe in Hell – including on the venerable Simpsons. And people figure that […]

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A Pittsburgh Rebbetzin Reflects On This Week’s Tragedy

This Shabbos morning began like any other. My husband gave the littlest kids their breakfast so that I could get a few extra minutes of sleep. After he left for shul, I got myself and the kids dressed, and we headed next door to our shul, PZ. The only excitement was that my oldest son […]

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