#MyMiracle: How My Daughter’s Premature Birth Saved Her Life

My fourth child was born 6 weeks early, but otherwise healthy. Or so we thought. In the moments after delivery, the OBGYN and neonatologist exclaimed over the baby’s umbilical cord. Part of it was a normal tube, but part of it looked like a thick, flat pancake. “Is that a problem?” I asked. “Doesn’t seem […]

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Does Judaism Permit Abortion When Rape or Incest is Involved?

Dear Jew in the City- A lot of people have commented on the fact that Alabama’s new abortion law doesn’t have exceptions for rape or incest. Does Halacha permit abortion when the woman gets pregnant as a result of rape or incest? Thank you, Sasha Dear Sasha- Thanks for your question. I was going to […]

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