Why Faith (Emunah) Is A Choice And Not A Leap

The other day, upon returning from a trip to the supermarket, groceries in tow (or rather in hand), I realized that I had left my keys at home. But just then, wouldn’t you know, one of our neighbors walked through the lobby at the exact right moment to catch my flailing arms in his peripheral vision. “Hashgacha prutis” (Divine Providence) I […]

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“Dirty, Money Grabbing, Parasitic Jewish Vermin”

Dirty money grabbing, parasitic vermin. Hitler should have finished his good work. If it were legal, I would murder every God forsaken kike around me with a Louisville Slugger. But it’s not, so I’ll just keep waiting for the next chance we get. So, yeah – that’s a message I got last week from a […]

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The Holocaust Survivor Who Wanted His Jewish Line To Die Out

She was pleasant enough as she got her luggage in place and we found our seats. There was no way I could anticipate what would come next.  Gum cracking. One. Straight. Hour. Of gum cracking, as I helplessly sat there – a prisoner of noise (popping) pollution – tethered to a seat 30,000 feet in […]

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Finding Faith In a World Overshadowed With Doubt

Faith in God, like loving one’s spouse – is not a static thing. It ebbs. It flows. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. And it requires work and commitment to make it last. God’s presence in the world is hidden – it’s meant to be hidden, in part, so that we have free will. As […]

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Yom HaShoah: The Only Way To Achieve “Never Again”

I spent much of my childhood wishing that I had Holocaust survivors in my family. Now before you completely judge me for having such an insane wish, hear me out. I was raised to be a proud Jew, but did not have much of a foundation for that pride. Our minimal observance occurred only when […]

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