A Tale of Two Orthodox Judaisms

It was the best community. It was the worst community. It was a God of love. It was a God of terror. It was a school where children thrived. It was a school where children were abused. It was a time for exploring all the kosher parts of God’s glorious world, it was a time for everything […]

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Maintaining Hope While Working With Ex-Hasidic Abuse Victims

One of Us In November of 2017, my wife and I watched the movie “One of Us.” The Netflix documentary highlighted the stories of four people who were trying to leave the insular hasidic communities in the New York area and joined the Footsteps organization. The stories were touching, saddening, and confusing. The images I […]

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Orthodox Jews: Here’s How to Stop Making a Chillul Hashem

Baruch C. Cohen, a Los Angeles civil litigation attorney, has taken a special interest in creating awareness in the community about the dangers of chillul Hashem, which literally means a “desecration of God’s name” and is used when a Jew does something that bring shames to Judaism. “I appear in court, state and federal, and […]

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Why The Child Victims Act Is A Win For Orthodox Jews

This week, history was made when lawmakers in Albany finally agreed to loosen New York state’s statute of limitations for molestation survivors, known as the Child Victim Act. This breakthrough came about after a long and arduous battle by child sex abuse survivors and their advocates, going up against a state with one of the […]

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