How Orthodox Jewish Fathers Can Talk To Their Sons About Puberty

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article handles mature topics and is the first of a two part series. This installment broaches the topic from a philosophical standpoint, the second part will discuss the practical how-to’s of speaking to your son. Sitting down with your son to discuss how to interact with the opposite sex as he reaches […]

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What is the Jewish View of The Devil?

Hi Jew in the City- What’s the Jewish view of the Devil? Sincerely, Elle Dear Elle- The Jewish view of the Devil? That’s easy: there’s no such thing. Now, if you had asked me about Satan, it would be another story. You see, Judaism does have a concept of Satan but he’s no Devil. He’s […]

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Actually, Mommy, I Ate Up All the Cookies

When I got to camp yesterday, my four year old son was filled with even more post-camp excitement than he’s filled with on a regular afternoon, which consists of him responding “GWEAT!” with a smile plastered to his face when I ask how his day was. What made this day extra, extra special? Why, the […]

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