Why Don’t Orthodox Jews Shake Hands?

Hi Jew in the City- Why don’t Orthodox Jews shake hands with members of the opposite sex? Thank you, Lloyd Dear Lloyd- This is a slightly-loaded question in that it makes a number of assumptions and you’re going to meet people who may not live up to those expectations. I agree with the basic premise, […]

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Why Do Orthodox Jews Wear Black?

Dear JITC- Why do Orthodox Jews wear black? Sincerely, Rosie Dear Rosie- The short answer to your question is this. Now, I would love to link to that and be done but, unfortunately, while Allison is cool enough to let me include it, she’s not cool enough to let that be my answer in its […]

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Do Orthodox Jews Have Sex Through A Hole in the Sheet?

There is a misconception that Orthodox Judaism calls for a repressive, ascetic life and that sex between a married couple is only meant for procreation. This could not be further from the truth. Judaism believes that we are supposed to be in the physical world and then elevate it to the spiritual. In the proper […]

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Are Orthodox Women Allowed To Look Beautiful In Public?

Dear Jew in the City- I understand that Jewish law requires modest dress and behavior but does it require looking unattractive too? I sometimes hear people say that a woman can only look beautiful in private. Are there Torah sources to back this up? All the best, Ashley Dear Ashley- Thanks for your question. I […]

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