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Why Do Orthodox Jewish Women Shave Their Heads?

Dear Jew in the City- Why do Orthodox Jewish women shave their heads? Thank you, Kylie Dear Kylie- Thanks for your question. To say that Orthodox Jewish women shave their heads is a huge generalization, and not a particularly accurate one. What the majority of Orthodox women do is cover their hair. The parameters of […]

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“I Almost Went OTD, But Then I Joined Makom”

Makom makes observant Judaism a positive experience for Jews who grew up with negative Jewish experiences, by showing our members a range of frum communities and allowing them to ask questions in a loving, non-judgmental environment. Help us make Judaism beautiful for many more. It is our annual campaign right now, and we need your […]

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How Do I Find Out Which Orthodox Community is For Me?

Dear Rebbetzin Chaya- I was raised to believe there was only one way to be Orthodox and that never worked for me. Now that I understand there are many paths within the community, I am trying to figure out how a person decides where they belong? Any advice? Thank you, Melanie Dear Melanie- What a […]

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What If God Is Just A Controlling, Abusive Monster?

Dear Jew in the City- If I told anyone I was in a relationship with someone that really, really loved me and I was happy in my relationship, and I’d even die for it, people would be really happy for me. If I told them I’d never met him, but he’s always watching me, they’d […]

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