How My Reform Grandmother Inspired Me To Become An Orthodox Jew

Mother’s Day is here, and I’m already preparing for an emotional rollercoaster. This year, the holiday arrives the day after one of my children’s bar mitzvahs, and it’ll be his first time wearing tefillin with a blessing. But it’ll also be our first Mother’s Day without my maternal grandmother, Frances, who died just before Passover […]

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Raising Non-Judgmental Orthodox Jewish Kids

When I was 17 years old, I spent the summer studying in Israel. I knew I wanted to be religious, but at that point, didn’t know in which Orthodox sub-group I belonged. There were so many of them! I spent shabbos with a variety of families, including a charedi Sephardic ba’al teshuva family in Jerusalem. […]

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How Do I Not Judge Religious Jewish Women Who Aren’t Modest?

Dear Jew in the City, I really enjoyed watching your videos and found them to be quite informative. It’s very beautiful to see someone who makes a proactive move to make a Kidush Hashem and to clarify a lot of misconceptions that people have with Orthodox Jews. Since you are so open-minded and honest about the […]

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