How and Why Did the Yiddish Language Come To Be?

Dear Jew in the City, How and why did the Yiddish language come to be? Best, Liza   Dear Liza, Thanks for your question. A few months ago, we discussed Ladino (“Judeo-Spanish”), so I guess it’s only fair that we discuss its Ashkenazic counterpart. The Yiddish language is over a thousand years old. Literally meaning “Jewish,” […]

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2,200 Year-Old Coin Discovery Proves Story of Chanukah

For far too long, the stories of persecution against the Jewish people have been brushed aside as exaggerations or even complete falsehood. Despite Antiochus IV Epiphane having been a real historical figure — as is the Hasmonean War — there are elements of the Chanukah story which have been met with skepticism. That is now […]

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The Orthodox Jew Who Convinced Abraham Lincoln To Run For President

Abraham Lincoln is often remembered as the president that ended slavery in the United States and is lesser known for his kindness towards Jews and the friendships he forged with them. Lincoln’s senate portrait was taken by a Jewish photographer, and he supported Jews in their endeavor to work as army chaplains and military officers. One of Lincoln’s close friends was an Orthodox Jew, Abraham Jonas. Jonas and Lincoln most likely met while Jonas was serving in the […]

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