Just Assume That Everyone Around You Is Shomer Negiah

In June 2017, pop singer, Ke$ha, attempted to hug Jerry Seinfeld at an event, while he was being interviewed on TV. Seinfeld did not want her hug. Ke$ha asked him not once, not twice, but three times. Each time, Seinfeld (who had no idea who this overly aggressive woman was) continuously rebuffed her. He even physically […]

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An Open Letter to Jerry Seinfeld About Existential Angst

Hi Jerry- My husband and I recently saw your show at Foxwoods. I knew you’d be funny, but you surprised me with how serious you got at one point. It was the joke about how people always complain that there’s not enough time in life, when in fact, there’s too much time. Life, you noted, […]

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