Why “The Good Place” Series Finale Was Too Depressing

This entire article is a spoiler alert. If you haven’t watched this show and plan to, stop reading now! As a person who was pretty obsessed with my mortality for most of my childhood, NBC’s “The Good Place,” which just ended, was a fascinating and enjoyable show. As far as I know, there has never […]

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Do Jews Believe in Hell?

Hi JITC- Do Jews Believe in Hell? Sincerely, Hayley Dear Hayley- I don’t know where the idea that Jews don’t believe in Hell got started but we most certainly do believe in one. I’ve heard umpteen times on television that Jews don’t believe in Hell – including on the venerable Simpsons. And people figure that […]

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“The Jewish Afterlife,” Episode 7

Does Judaism believe in life after death? There are so many rumors squirling around, including the idea that Judaism does not believe in the afterlife. This is not true! While Judaism certainly does believe in life after death, it is not like other conceptions of it in other religions. Heaven and hell are actually the […]

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