A Psychologist Speaks On Mob Mentality Of Campus Protests

College campuses across the US have been occupied by radicalized students, doing the bidding of the Islamic Republic of Iran and their proxy, Hamas. Students claim that they are protesting the Israeli government’s treatment of Gazan civilians, but their true intentions are shown by the unchecked excesses of their movement. When a student holds up […]

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Have We Reached 1930’s Germany? A Historian Weighs In

We’re living through unprecedented times in America. In my lifetime, I hoped I would never see the vitriol and antisemitic that my Jewish ancestors went through. I felt confident that “never again” really meant never again. Jews would never go through the persecution of the past. The truth and goodness of the Jewish people I […]

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“As A Jew” Jews, The Seder’s Wicked Son

For many years during the Passover seder I have struggled with how to handle “the wicked son.” We are told that there are four sons: wise, wicked, simple and one who doesn’t know how to ask. Says the hagaddah: “What does the wicked son say? ‘What does this ritual mean to you?’ To you and […]

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