The Importance Of Faith In The Face Of Tragedy

Thirty-six years ago, one fateful Sunday morning, my wife Rochel Leah suddenly passed away. I was 38 years old, and she was 36. We had 11 children together. I’m a Chabad rabbi; I always had faith in God. But I couldn’t comprehend this. Why would God take away a mother, a pillar of our community, […]

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What Should I Do If I Feel Like A Bad Jew?

Dear Jew in the City, I feel like a bad Jew, what should I do? Sincerely, Joe Dear Joe, Thanks for your question. For the edification of readers, this question was received in response to the article “What’s the Difference Between Guilt, Regret and Feeling Like a Bad Jew?” In that article, I dismiss the […]

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The Spark Of Godliness In Becoming A Giver

Chesed is a cornerstone of Jewish life. We encourage our children to do acts of kindness and expect the same of ourselves. Sometimes it can feel like we are going through the motions or are not really sure what the end goal is. But the word natan, to give, is a palindrome, spelled the same […]

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