Should a Rabbi Meddle Into Someone Else’s Personal Life?

Dear Jew in the City- Should a rabbi meddle into someone else’s personal life? Thank you, R.B. Dear R.B.- Thanks for your question. First, let’s clarify what you mean by a “rabbi.” In the Orthodox community, becoming a rabbi is not the same as becoming a priest in Catholicism. In many ways, it’s more like […]

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What Torah Laws Are Broken When People Act With Misplaced Piety?

Dear JITC- We see people who insisted on davening with a minyan now catching and spreading this virus. What Jewish laws are people breaking when they act like this in these challenging times? Do Jewish texts give other examples of misplaced piety? Thanks, Yoni Dear Yoni- You’re being generous by referring to it as “misplaced […]

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Can We Ever Sin in Order to Do Good?

Dear Jew in the City- Can we ever sin in order to do good? On one hand, I know you can’t do an aveirah to do a mitzvah, but on the other, I heard that Queen Esther committed a sin for the good of the Jewish people. Which one is it? Thank you, L.E. Dear […]

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How Do We Know There’s A World To Come?

Hi JITC- I grew up religious but haven’t kept Shabbos in ten years. How do I know that there is a World to Come if no one has ever returned? Keeping Shabbos does not make me feel better or more holy, why is it important for me to keep it? Thanks, N.T. Dear N.T.- Thanks […]

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What Does Judaism Say About Gun Rights?

Hi JITC- What does Judaism say about gun rights? Thanks, Emma Dear Emma- Thanks for your timely question. Before we get into it, I’d like to preface by saying that, whatever we determine the Torah’s position to be, it does not necessarily mandate a political position for us. For example, the Torah permits slavery and […]

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