When Do You Mention Shabbos Observance in A Job Interview?

Dear Jew in the City, When during an interview/hiring process should you bring up keeping Shabbos/Jewish holiday absence questions? At the time of offer? At the initial interview? What would a good response be to the question, “Are you available nights and weekends if we need you to come in?” Wondering how people handle this. […]

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Do Orthodox Jews believe in vaccinating?

Dear Jew in the City, Lock the kids up…do not sicken everyone. You have no right to impose your beliefs against vaccination on the rest of society. If you don’t see it this way…advice…leave this country. Go to someplace where ignorance and stupidity are bliss.  America is NOT such a place.  We lose ours, you […]

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How Do You Reconcile Predetermination With Free Will?

Dear Jew in the City, Everything is predetermined by Hashem and is gam zu l’tovah (ultimately all for the good), therefore, everything is bashert (meant to be), effectively, even if it appears to be detrimental. But humans (not animals) have free choice in their actions, so how is that reconciled? But if everything is predetermined and gam […]

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This Two Year Old Drowned, Then A Miracle Happened

On July 26th 2010, Charlene and Jonathan Aminoff went wave running with their sons (near their apartment in Miami) while their two year old daughter, Gali, napped by the pool with her nanny. When they returned from the outing, the Aminoffs were confronted with blood curdling screams. A man they didn’t know was holding a dead […]

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Can You Ever Pull The Plug? Life Support And Jewish Law

Since Joan Rivers’ death, several people have sent us questions about life support issues in Judaism, similar to the way that Robin Williams’ death piqued people’s curiosity about suicide in Jewish law, particularly as an effect of mental illness. I recognize that this is a sensitive topic and I address it with two caveats. The […]

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Why Are Orthodox Jews So Rude?

Dear Jew in the City, I was curious about some of the run-ins I’ve had with the women in local Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox communities. Sadly, they’ve been pretty negative.  I’m gonna guess that majority of my interactions are with the ultra-Orthodox since I can easily identify them by their conservative outfits.  Any attempt I’ve made […]

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