Will The Coming Of Moshiach Affect Passover?

Dear Jew in the City, How will we celebrate Pesach after Moshiach comes? Sincerely, Isaac   Dear Isaac, Thanks for your question, though I wonder exactly what prompts it. I have two hypotheses, which I’ll address separately. It could be that you’re asking whether Pesach will still be a holiday when Moshiach comes. This is […]

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What Can The Purim Story Teach Us About Redemption?

Dear Jew in the City, As we think about the Jewish people being redeemed, what can we think about the Purim story about the Jews meriting redemption? Sincerely, Abraham   Dear Abraham, Thanks for your question. I’m curious why your premise is that we’re “think(ing) about the Jewish people being redeemed.” Because of the war? […]

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How is Tu b’Shevat Connected to the Land of Israel?

Dear Jew in the City, How is Tu b’Shevat connected to the land of Israel? Best, Jonah   Dear Jonah, Thanks for your question. We discussed Tu b’Shevat a few years ago, so let’s make a quick recap. The first mishna in tractate Rosh Hashana tells us that there are four “new years,” as follows: […]

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Why Do We Shake the Lulav and Other Arba Minim on Sukkot?

This week I’m going to do something different. I’m going take two questions that were submitted separately and combine them into a single post because (a) they’re related and (b) my answers are relatively brief.   The first question is: Dear Jew in the City, “Why do we shake the lulav and other arba minim […]

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Why Is Sukkot the Holiday of Happiness Over Other Holidays?

Dear Jew in the City, Why is Sukkot the holiday of happiness over other holidays? Best, Raphael   Dear Raphael, Thanks for your question. Let’s assume you were jaded and cynical. I know that doesn’t apply to anyone here, but if you were jaded and cynical, you might think, “Well, when the Rabbis composed the […]

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