This Orthodox Jewish Mom is Bringing High Tech to Breastfeeding

“Avital has a lot of faith. She always says, ‘Even if we go down, Hashem will give me something to go for.’ So it makes her very optimistic because she believes.” With thanks to Kamatech. If you found this content meaningful and want to help further our mission through our Keter, Makom, and Tikun branches, […]

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The American Orthodox Jewish Woman Who Served in the IDF

When most people think of an Orthodox Jewish woman they conjure up a lady in a skirt, armed with a great challah recipe. But not all Orthodox women are alike. Ziesel Miriam Rahimi wore fatigues (with a skirt!) and was armed with a rifle. As a young ba’alas teshuva Rahimi decided to join the IDF. […]

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