She Survived the Holocaust and Became a Bubbe to Thousands

When Jew in The City asked me to write a story for Holocaust Remembrance Day, one person instantly came to mind: my dear, beloved, Bubbe Tina Weisz, OBM. Bubbe Tina survived the horrors of the Holocaust, raised an incredible family and became a beacon of faith and a pillar in her community. “Our community was […]

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Jerusalem’s Deputy Mayor Is An Orthodox Jewish Woman

The honorable deputy mayor of Jerusalem, Fleur Hassan-Nahoum has a deep personal history with observance and politics. Originally from Gibraltar, the British Protectorate at the southern tip of Spain, she grew up in a traditional Sephardic community. The daughter of a Spanish father and a Moroccan mother, she attended Hebrew school and had classes with […]

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Orthodox Jewish Female Singers Who Perform For Women

While Netflix’s “Unorthodox” highlighted, Esty Shapiro, a woman who wasn’t allowed to sing in public – due to the laws of Kol Isha (learn more about this challenging law here), there are many Orthodox Jewish women from less insular communities (and less dysfunctional situations) who love singing and performing for other women. Some have even […]

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The Orthodox Jewish Female Active-Duty US Captain

People often think of Orthodox Jews as wearing a certain uniform, but the uniform Captain Dana Hall dons is pretty unorthodox, as a storm-chasing, disaster-aiding first responder. Trained as a pharmacist and with a graduate degree in Homeland Security, she uses medical expertise and crisis management to help communities in crisis and has done so […]

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