Why The Child Victims Act Is A Win For Orthodox Jews

This week, history was made when lawmakers in Albany finally agreed to loosen New York state’s statute of limitations for molestation survivors, known as the Child Victim Act. This breakthrough came about after a long and arduous battle by child sex abuse survivors and their advocates, going up against a state with one of the […]

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The Teens Who Laughed As They Filmed A Man Drowning

Last July, five teenagers in Florida taunted a 31 year old man named Jamel Dunn, who was drowning in a pond near his family’s home. Instead of offering some sort of aid, they laughed as they told him that he was going to die and that they wouldn’t help. As if that wasn’t horrific enough, […]

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The Cover Up Is A Worse Chillul Hashem Than The Crime

Recently, in a school in Israel, a child was hit by a rebbe for “misbehaving.” According Kikar Shabbos News, this older teacher struck the student quite hard and has a history of similar acts of violence against children. The boys’ parents called the police and a complaint was filed against the teacher. It was an awful […]

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