The Attacks Against Hasidim Made Me (A Reform Jew) Confront My Bias

I once asked my mother, when I was a young girl, why she fasted on Yom Kippur. She isn’t particularly religious, doesn’t believe in all the Bible stories and questions the existence of God as depicted in traditional Judeo-Christian texts and ideologies. My young brain simply assumed that anyone who fasted on the holiest day […]

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2019: A Decade Of Progress, Yet Ancient Jew Hatred Makes a Return

I’m seeing all these articles online about how far we’ve come in the last decade – all sorts of technological advances: ride sharing apps, tablets, smart homes, virtual assistants. We’ve made medical advances too, in cell therapy, gene therapy, cancer immunotherapy. As a society, we have made advances in how we treat people. We are […]

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When Is It Okay To Physically Assault A Jew?

While Jew in the City was originally founded to break down stereotypes about religious Jews, as our organization developed and met people who experienced the underbelly of the Orthodox Jewish world, we realized that not every negative story is a stereotype. Some bad feelings are due to shortcomings in our community that need to be […]

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