A Black Jewish American Woman’s Take on the Jamie Foxx Incident

I’m an exhausted Black Jewish American. Every time these frustrating situations occur it keeps proving why Black Jewish Americans must be included in Black-Jewish relations dialogues in America because we understand both communities. This most recent American societal-cultural issue brought the Black American and Jewish community to blows online. The entire Jamie Foxx-Jennifer Aniston antisemitism […]

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JITC Featured On National ABC Storyteller Spotlight

An amazing team at ABC and On The Red Carpet filmed a mini documentary on my life as an Orthodox Jewish woman, why I started Jew in the City, the JITC Hollywood Bureau, and why Jewish representation matters. They captured my life, my joy, my relationship to my Jewish identity so authentically because they let […]

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David Baddiel of Jews Don’t Count on How Antisemitism is also Racism

Jews are the minority with the greatest number of attacks against them. Yet, they’re also the minority that is often shut out of inclusion spaces the most as well. What’s the deal? It’s a conundrum David Baddiel, English comedian, screenwriter and author examines in his book Jews Don’t Count (2021).  While Allison Josephs calls it a […]

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