How Do I Deal With Rude Jews During Chol HaMoed?

Dear Rebbetzin Chaya- I feel embarrassed to be wearing the same kippah as so many other Jews who make such a bad impression during Yeshiva break or Chol Hamoed. I see people cutting other people off, parking terribly, pushing in line, being rude to amusement park or museum staff or visitors or the non-Jews on […]

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How Do You Make Pesach If You’re A Procrastinator?

Dear Rebbetzin Chaya- I’m avoiding thinking about Pesach, but it’s coming soon regardless. How do I best make Pesach if I’m a procrastinator? Sincerely, Mrs. Procrastinator   Dear Procrastinator, I have often heard rabbis say that they are giving advice to themselves first and foremost, and allowing other people to listen in, rather than speaking […]

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How Do I Find Out Which Orthodox Community is For Me?

Dear Rebbetzin Chaya- I was raised to believe there was only one way to be Orthodox and that never worked for me. Now that I understand there are many paths within the community, I am trying to figure out how a person decides where they belong? Any advice? Thank you, Melanie Dear Melanie- What a […]

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What Do You Do When A Rabbi Says Something Troubling?

Dear Rebbetzin- A rabbi that lots of people respect has said some very troubling things. I know we’re supposed to respect rabbinic authority, but what do I do when a rabbi says offensive, troubling things? Sincerely, C Dear C- While filtering our worldview through the lens of the Torah’s wisdom is an important part of […]

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