What If Moshiach (the Messiah) Stood Us Up?

Dear Jew in the City- I have read your blog many times and usually I enjoy it. I am very disturbed by one post in particular: Dirty, Money Grabbing Parasitic Vermin: Anti-Semitism Is Alive And Well. I am more disturbed by the passage from Deuteronomy than by the baseball-loving Jew hater. As a Jew from Ukraine, […]

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Jew in the City Sundance Panels

2024: Sects, Lies and Videotape: Debunking deadly tropes about Jews and Israel in TV, film and media Jewish power and blood libels are millennia old tropes. Jews as “white Europeans” is a neo-Nazi canard that has shockingly been bolstered in Hollywood. This panel will explore the origin, danger, and use of these myths against Jews […]

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How To Debate An Anti-Zionist In 5 Easy Steps

I have tried engaging in rational dialogue on social media with detractors of Israel on many occasions, only to be met with personal or national death threats. So I mostly just block and delete Jew haters these days. But when I do engage, here’s what it sounds like. Them: Palestinians were there first. Me: Actually, […]

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