Have Quotas For Jews At Ivy League Schools Returned?

While the state of education in male charedi schools has been a topic of public discourse over the last several years (due to some schools underperforming in terms of secular education), there’s a whole category of Orthodox Jewish schools rarely discussed in traditional media – the high performing ones. In modern and centrist Orthodox and […]

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Hollywood’s Orthodox Jew Problem: A JITC Documentary

Since its founding in 2007, Jew in the City has been fighting to change negative perceptions about Orthodox Jews. This past March, we launched JITC Hollywood Bureau to advocate for authentic and human depictions of Jews in Hollywood. This documentary was made in collaboration with PhilmCo Media and is the first part of a three […]

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A Gift Of Life And A Wink From God

          We live in a world with a lot of confusion. On a regular basis, we see innocent people suffer and evil people prosper. Even when life isn’t explicitly unfair, we often don’t see the behind the scenes workings of the universe. We see only a small snippet of reality from […]

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