They shouldn’t – it’s against Jewish law (Peripheral Vision is Whacked: Why We Must Judge Favorably).
Many don’t and rather spending their lives helping and giving to all people (The Hasidic Jew Who Feeds All People With Dignity) (The Orthodox Women Who Clothed Hundreds Of Kids With No Funding) but some do. And it’s disappointing (I Feel Disappointed in Orthodox Jews When They…)

At Jew in the City, we can’t stop the judgy people – we don’t even know how many there are (How Many Deplorables Are In The Orthodox Jewish Community?) but we can remind the world what our values actually are, gather the good and kind Orthodox Jews and speak out against the crooks, creeps, and extremists who hijacked our brand. There’s a lot of good to learn about and as you click through our pages, you will see plenty of it.

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