Orthodox Jewish All Stars

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Thank you to everyone who joined us

at Jew in the City’s Second Annual

Orthodox Jewish All Stars

Chanukah-Thanksgiving 2013 awards party.

The 2013 awardees included the US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, Nobel Laureate Robert Aumann, and more outstanding winners.

Last year’s winners included Senator Joe Lieberman, best-selling novelist Faye Kellerman, Billboard Top 10 Recording Artist Alex Clare, and others- click here to see the original 2012 Orthodox Jewish All Stars video.


Weren’t able to attend? Read about the party here: 

Vos iz Neias article about the party, with pictures!

Watch interviews with some of the All Stars who were in attendance and be inspired by their stories of how they handled the challenges they faced, and the messages they impart to Jews and non-Jews as well. Interviews conducted by Sandy Eller.

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