Do Orthodox Jews Have Sex Through A Hole in the Sheet?

There is a misconception that Orthodox Judaism calls for a repressive, ascetic life and that sex between a married couple is only meant for procreation. This could not be further from the truth. Judaism believes that we are supposed to be in the physical world and then elevate it to the spiritual. In the proper time and context, martial intimacy is considered one of the most holy acts a person could do.

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  • Josie says on December 9, 2008

    Thank you for that very cute and informative video! I myself am a Jew and know that rumor to be a myth, but I still love the way that you explained it in your video. I also thought it was neat that Rachel (the asker of the question) is from Savannah, GA, just like me! Hooray! Can’t wait to see the next one!

  • Allison Josephs says on December 9, 2008

    From Savannah, you say? Well then, I hope “Rachel” got her accent right!

  • Maidele says on December 9, 2008

    WOW! That’s so interesting to think that this “rumor” could have possibly gotten started with men’s tsitsis hanging on the clothesline!

  • Aharon Yaaqob says on December 10, 2008

    That was so well put together and funny. Thank you.

  • shorty says on December 14, 2008

    Thanks for this. I remember hearing about this a long time ago in high school…and giggling about it…

  • Yehuda M says on January 2, 2009

    Great video
    I love your videos and have been waiting for your new ones. Great job

  • Avrahom says on January 20, 2012

    Hi, I remember reading that this was the custom of American Indians long ago


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