Extra Member Follow Up During Coronavirus

Help Us Support Our Members, now more than ever!

Project Makom helps former or questioning Charedi Jews find their place in Judaism. 

Our members agree that the most valuable thing they gain from Project Makom is a deep sense of community. We are there for those who are feeling isolated and out of step, confronted with the rejection of family, friends, and/or community. We are there for those wrestling with questions about where in the Jewish world they belong, what kinds of options are available, and how to get there. 

While the Coronavirus pandemic has affected all Americans, the population that we serve at Project Makom, who were in many cases already dealing with the trauma of their upbringing and leaving their communities of origin, has been affected even more so. Our members need us more than ever, and many tell us that we are their lifeline during this difficult time. Unable to have in-person events, we have intensified our efforts to create community and support with virtual programming and additional member follow-up.  

We have realized a need for a new follow-up program to Project Makom specifically geared at answering Jewish questions. Our members are learning to separate the dysfunction of their upbringing from their Judaism, but they need support and guidance to do that. Your contribution to this campaign can help us to create additional programming and support for our members in their journey to re-learn Judaism from a healthy place.

We need your help. Your donation, big or small helps us to continue the important work that we are doing. Please give whatever you can to help!