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I grew up in Atlanta and attended Yeshiva Atlanta for high school. I came from a relatively religious family, but I knew that I wanted something more, I always felt like something was missing. One day while sitting in class we discovered your youtube videos and they did amazing things for us. We used to sit there (while we were supposed to be learning Nach) and watch them, they truly opened up a world for me that I hadn’t really ever experienced and showed me what I could aspire to. Thanks to you, our parents, and many, many other positive Jewish leaders in our lives, 9 out of 14 girls in my grade ended up attending amazing Seminaries in Israel – schools that had been unheard of before in the Atlanta Jewish community.
I just wanted to let you know what an impact you had on my community before you ever got there (I graduated a few years ago) and how happy I am and how much hope I have for the future generations now that you are actually visiting. Please continue to do the incredible and life changing things that you do and please realize how much you can effect one small Jewish school for the better.


have to tell you something about your video about headcovering–my husband and I had decided that we wanted to move towards more observance, but hadn’t really taken any big steps. And then I saw your video and it made such perfect sense; I started covering my hair full-time, and that one mitzvah has snowballed to tzniut, Shabbat, taharat hamishpacha, having a kosher kitchen. And it all started with your video and covering my hair so that it would be only for my husband.


I love your site. You have deeply affected my life and helped me become more observant. Thank you so much. I can’t wait until your next episode!

Jaclyn S.

The road to JITC has been an incredible one. I was raised in a non-kosher, conservative jewish home as a “3 day” Jew. I thank you for rekindling my faith, as I have become more observant, daven with tefillin, and now practice regularly!


After seeing your Shabbat video I was very inspired to keep observing today, instead of skipping a day and then two and so on…it’s not an easy process, so thanks! 🙂


Honestly you have changed the way I look at Orthodox people, I used to think they were so much different, weirdly enough ! And I kinda secretly (like no one knows this) but I feel like I’d want to be more religious when grow up.


“Whew! You have really opened my eyes to a lot. I am actually going to start studying with my local rebbetzin. Much of that has to do with you.”


Your blog has such value. You are a huge positive influence for me becoming observant. You make it accessible.


I’m fifteen years old and about 6 months ago I was online and I was searching along the lines of what Judaism is about. I was raised reform so I knew nothing really about Judaism. Anyways, I came across JITC thanks to Hashem, and I stayed up all night watched all of them went on your website, etc.
I was starting to get really interested in our faith and realized how extremely beautiful it is and how finding G-d can change your life. I just started on my spiritual journey, and my life has changed so much. I go to a secular school, live in a non-kosher home, I keep shabbos by myself, been starting to dress modestly.
My family is noticing a change and I think they think I am someone who is weird and has lost their mind, when really I am just a girl who is finally happy because I found purpose to life. Thank you for all you do, its amazing.


I am very thankful you have made this information available. I am trying to determine where I belong and the direction of my life. In seeking a more connected life with Judaism I keep looking for ways to understand it and make it relevant in my life when for so long is has not been. Your journey is helping me start my journey in my search for a connection.


Dear Jew In the City, Thank you for your videos. They are fantastic. I went to the synagogue for the first time in my life last evening for Shabbat, and it was fantastic. I’m going to continue to go, and practice the faith of my forefathers. Thank you for educating me and making me laugh with your videos!


I just found your site and am now on your mailing list. I am so excited after reading some of your articles and watching a few videos to get started in my path to becoming more observant. I am going to put in a call into our AISH rabbi’s wife to come and help me to having a kosher kitchen. Thank you so much. I hope some day you will come to Minneapolis


thank you for your posts and your blog. Your writings have had a big influence on me becoming more observant, including keeping Shabbat and me going to Mikvah. These have added meaning to the lives of me and my family. Thank you!


About two years ago, one of my friends told me about Jew in the City, and it has truly changed my life. I’ve read many of her blogposts, seen her videos and was in awe. Jew in the City was one of the people who inspired me to become more religious. She sparked my love for Judaism and created a new perspective of what it meant to walk with Hashem. Since the first time I saw a Jew in the City’s video (the one about Olam Ha’ba), I now go to an Orthodox shul, daven Shacharit daily, keep Shabbos, tsniut, and Kol Isha, and am working on becoming shomer negiah. Because of Jew in the City’s enlightenment, I will G-d willing be going to seminary next year. I would’ve never been inspired to become a ba’alat teshuva without Jew in the City. Thank you, Jew in the City, for changing my life.


As a Reform Jew, I am not a shamed to admit *I* need to see videos like this that give me a deeper view into Orthodox Judaism.


As a Jew myself.. I am guilty of assuming the stereotypes of the Orthodox community. Very enlightening! I think a lot of people.. even myself ..thought of the orthodox community as being very seclusive.


You’re the best!! You’ve really shown me an alternative look into a different side of my own people that I was very ignorant about before!


just watched all your videos in a row… I love them! I love JITC! It has me thinking about orthodox judaism in a whole new way and I’m eager to learn more. Thanks for your amazing work! I didn’t know there was so much beauty.


I love Jew In The City!!! I’m a senior college student with a secular family and a very religious sister. I’ve been sending JITC episodes to my dad and aunt to help them better understand my sister’s Jewish decision. Thanks for tackling things that can be really tough to explain!


I am so happy I found JITC, not only is it hilarious, it has also sincerely strengthened the relationship between me and my mother. I have recently become observant. Its been difficult to explain to my parents why I love Judaism & why I choose to follow certain laws now, however, JITC has been a great medium of explaining the Jewish faith that we never truly understood. JITC, you’re doing a great mitzvah!


Don’t tell my ba’al teshuva sister that I watch your videos to try to understand her better, it might give her a big head 😉 haha


I tend to have a hard time hearing ‘the laws’ and the ‘shoulds’ and the ‘musts’..but I have to say, your wit and humor in getting these messages across got me listening..I watched every video on Youtube and immensely enjoyed each one. Looking forward to more of your stuff..thanks for doing the ‘Work’ you are doing; Jew in the City… is definitely on to something BIG. 🙂


I’m a formerly Orthodox person who is now sorta…nothing and seeing your videos does make me more open to Shabbos dinners with family and trying to keep kosher again. Keep up the great work!


Being off the derech (having left the fold) i have my own issues with orthodoxy, but i very much appreciate what you are doing… just wanted you to know even our OTD community thinks youre pretty great…ill be honest, there have been posts that made me rethink my inobservance.


Love your videos (especially the one about hair covering) – can’t wait for more! I often feel like a fish out of water covering my hair here in a city where there are only a few frum families – your video gave me chizuk to continue!


I wanted to thank you for all the support you have given me recently. I used to be ashamed of the fact that I had to wear a kippa and tzitzit, and having to keep kosher and shabbos, and pretty most all things that would hold me back from excelling in my career. Because of your awesome website, especially the All-Star Video, I have realized that being orthodox in no way will hold me back from my carrer, but actually helps it. It has given me so much inspiration, both in regards to my career and my religious observance.
If there is anything that I can do to help the awesome cause of Jew in the City, please don’t hesitate to ask. It would be an honor to give back to all the inspiration you have given me.
Forever Grateful


I’m a Christian… I love JITC because it helps me to learn more about a culture I know basically nothing about. I’m a college student and, in part because of the curiosity about other faiths that your work instilled in me, I’m a religious studies minor. I want you to know that you are making a difference not only in the lives of Jews, but in the lives of gentiles as well.


Just wanted to thank you for sharing your light through your `{`YouTube`}` channel. I was going through a few rough patches in life, but your videos really helped me to get through them and in the process they helped me to develop on my own spiritual path. As a Sikh I saw that so many of the concepts transferred between our faiths (ie. covering our heads, etc.). Anyway, just wanted to thank you and wish you and your family a very blessed Chanukah. Keep that light shining! God knows we need all the light we can get.


Hey I really enjoy watching your Videos. I’m Christian (not really religious though) and I live in Switzerland where most of the jews are ultraorthodox so they appear a little odd to Christians at first sight… But watching your blog brought me a whole diffrent perspective. Most of the Mizwas that appeared pretty silly to me made actually a lot of sense after your explanation… Thanks for opening up my mind! Keep up with the good work!


I live near a large Hasidic Jewish community and have had a lot of questions and misjudgments about them. I just love watching your videos because they help answer my questions! God bless!


I am from a different world, a different religion, and when I say different, I mean it… I am an Arab, a Muslim who totally respects you and admires you and I mean it with all my heart. You are in a quest to break down stereotypes… and no matter how each of our backgrounds fear the other and view each other as the bad people, I am here to tell you, you have made me understand more and respect more.

your fan from Kuwait

Hey Jew in the City, I am a 21 year old, Christian girl, from Canada! I just wanted to thank you for writing such wonderful articles! I enjoy reading about your devotion and commitment to your faith! I may not be Jewish, but seeing your faith has encouraged me in areas of modesty, reverence, and boldness in my own faith journey. God Bless 🙂



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