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Lights, Camera — Attention!

What is it with people and their fascination with camera crews? In the last year, I've made (written, directed, and produced) several short movies for Aish.com, but the video that...

September 24, 2008
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Murphy’s (Jewish) Law

August was a month of non-stop can-go-wrongs-did-go-wrongs. And while none of did-go-wrongs were life-threatening sorts of problems, I spent most of the month on hold, as I got passed from...

September 17, 2008

My Recent Absence

I just wanted to give you, my loyal readers and viewers, a quick update on where I’ve been and when you can expect to see me regularly blogging again. In...

September 12, 2008
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I Had a Dream

Last night my daughter was missing. That's how it seemed, at least, while I was dreaming it. The weird thing about my dream is that I knew where my daughter...

September 03, 2008
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God Versus the American Dream

Check out the article I wrote for World Jewish Digest. (This paper is defunct now due to the economic crisis, so please excuse the copy I’m linking to. It’s all that’s left...

September 02, 2008

Jew in the City Annual Campaign