Orthodox Jews in the News: Weekly Round Up 10/26

Hipster or Hasidic? – Jimmy Kimmel Live has a new segment where close-up images of bearded men are shown, and the audience has to guess if that mouth belongs to a Hipster or a Hasid Jennifer Graham: Whatever Happened to modesty? – Wendy Shalit, author of Return to Modesty, is quoted talking about modesty-shaming and Playboy‘s new policy […]

Orthodox Jews In The News: Weekly Round Up 8/17

Oliver Sacks: Sabbath – A homosexual doctor discusses his early love of Shabbos, how he lost it…and how he got it back. The article also recounts the moving way our 2013 Orthodox Jewish All Star, Nobel Laureate, Robert Aumman, treated his gay cousin Rabbi Harizy’s Man Camp – Read how the Rabbi helps people “get married and […]

Orthodox Jews In The News: Weekly Round Up

Welcome to “JITC’s Weekly Round-Up:” a new weekly post we’ll be putting out every Friday which collects all of the positive news stories about Orthodox Jews we found from that week.  KJ Resident Turns Yeshiva’s Refusal Into Positive Experience, Graduates From YU After being rejected from a yeshivah in his own community, Elimelech Wagschal successfully graduated […]

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