Top 10 Myths & Misconceptions on WebYeshiva Class Plus Speaking Engagements All Over North America!

On Thursday, January 31, at 8:30pm EST, I will be giving a talk at Web Yeshiva on the Top 1o Myths and Misconceptions People Have About Orthodox Jews. You can sign up for it here. Not only am I continuing to give regular talks on WebYeshiva, thank God, I am being contacted by communities all over […] “On Becoming a Ba’al Teshuva” Is Ready to Watch

For anyone who missed or wasn’t able to sign up for the mini-series I recently gave entitled “On Becoming a Ba’al Teshuva” I have uploaded all three parts on YouTube under a private setting. Since it’s in a very different style to the regular JITC videos, I decided not to broadcast it out to […]

You Can Register NOW for My Three Part Series on

I have recently been added to the list of teachers as I will be giving a FREE three part series entitled, “On Becoming a Ba’al Teshuva.” The class titles and descriptions are as follows:  Part 1: “Why I Did It,” (experiencing an existential crisis in childhood pushed me to find purpose before it was too late). […]

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