What’s The Jewish View On Reincarnation And Past Lives?

This week’s big new big budget movie release Assassin’s Creed brings the popular action-adventure video game to the screen. In it, a man played by Michael Fassbender uses new technology to uncover his “genetic memories” of a previous life as a skillful challenger to an oppressive, evil organization. While this story is fantasy, every culture […]

1 Minute Insight: Closeness to Hashem In Elul

Just as you have to pass by the thorn to get to the beauty of the rose, so follows the process of teshuva during the month of Elul.

How Jew in the City’s Family Also Became Orthodox

Allison Josephs’ (aka Jew in the City’s) family – especially her father – freaked out when she started to become more observant in her teens. At a recent Torah dedication, her father explains what motivated him and her mom (at almost 50 years old) to join her. (Both of her sisters became Orthodox too.)

No Pain No (Spiritual) Gain: A Teshuva Lesson From The Day I Thought I’d Die

There was an outbreak, and we were likely exposed. At least that’s how it went in my dream. Since my subconcious appears to be more intrigued by French-Canadian side dishes than it is knowledgable about medical terms, the name of the fake disease I dreamed up was “poutina,” which I’m quite certain is based on […]

The Road to Success: Reflections During the High Holidays

At a recent social media conference where I was a panelist, an audience member asked how I measure success for Jew in the City. My response to her was simple: not quitting. I’ve thought of quitting Jew in the City countless times over the years. Because the idea of improving the public perception of Orthodox […]

Impulse Control and the High Holidays

A few months ago, my two-year old son looked up at me very sweetly and said, “Mommy, can I break that lamp?” as he gestured to the corner of the living room.  “No,” I told him, “you cannot break that lamp.” Although a broken-lamp-catastrophe was averted that time around, my son doesn’t usually ask permission […]

Me, Myself, and (Hurricane) Irene: The Importance of Daily Personal Reflection

When I heard  that a  hurricane was coming a few days ago, I didn’t take it too seriously. People tend to get overexcited about these things. But when my husband, who works in a tall building in midtown, got an email from his office that he should clear out the space in front of his […]

If I Could Turn Back Time: Teshuvah – the Only Way to Turn Back Time

If you watched the VMAs or saw headlines from it like I did, you might have noticed that Cher (singer, actress, and erstwhile infomercial star) was dressed in a black unitard made of nothing but nylons. OK, there was some strategically-placed glitter on the outfit as well, but as over-the-top as Cher looked wearing this getup 30 years ago is nothing compared to how she […]

To Grandmother’s House We Go: The Spiritual Connection Between GPS and Teshuva

We were headed to my in-laws for a visit when we lost our way — three times. And there was no one blame but the GPS. The first time we were looking for the nearest gas station off the highway. The GPS took us to a dark, winding road. Five miles later we were parked in front of a house. Needless to say, our […]

Crashing Markets and Light Fixtures

I almost died last Thursday night. OK, perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I certainly came quite close to getting seriously injured. I think.

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